Our Mission

ZeldathonUK are once again taking on the challenge of the 72-hour #Gameblast17 video game marathon from the 3rd-5th of March 2017 in an effort to fundraise for an amazing charity called SpecialEffect.

SpecialEffect put fun, inclusion and confidence back into the lives of people with disabilities by helping them to play video games through assistive technologies. Often the recipients of their help are able to overcome the limitations of their disability and compete on a level playing field. You can find out more about SpecialEffect at www.specialeffect.org.uk.

Donation Target

Please help us reach our target of £1,000 so that people with disabilities can enjoy the games we all take for granted. You can help by either making a donation or better still telling the world about our marathon by sharing this page with your friends and family to draw as many eyes to our cause as possible!

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